Women’s breasts are synonymous with femininity. Specialist clinic Kosovac helps patients with: breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast lift, breast lift and enlargement, asymmetrical breast correction, inverted nipple correction.

Gynecomastia (breast reduction) is a treatment suitable for men.


At the specialist clinic Kosovac you can treat your face to enhance its aesthetic dimensions through corrections of upper and lower eyelids, temporary face lifting, middle face-lift, neck lift and liposuction. In conjunction with anti-ageing methods amazing results are achieved.


Our body betrays our age in small ways as it records our life’s many changes. At the specialist clinic Kosovac you can correct and shape your body to achieve perfect results: tummy tuck, thigh lift (thighplasty), upper arm lift, liposuction of different areas, buttock lift, calf lift, female genital corrective and cosmetic surgery.


Our skin endures various changes, be these of a physical health or aesthetic nature. Contemporary aesthetic surgery successfully deals with skin tumours (benign, malignant), as well as subcutaneous tumours (atheromas, lipomas, moles, warts, basaliomas and similar), scars, ingrown nails and toenails.

At the specialist clinic Kosovac such changes can be successfully and quickly removed.

Cosmetic surgery is not purely aesthetic.

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is a branch of surgical medicine whose foremost focus is the reconstruction of deformities which come about as a consequence of trauma or oncological operations.

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A Complete List of Services


  • Botox treatments

  • Mesotherapy

  • Meso-threads, Cogs treatment

  • PRP treatment

  • Shape correction using hyaluronic acid


  • Breast

  • Face

  • Body

  • Skin Tumours

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