Meso-threads and Cogs Treatment

What is Meso-threads and Cogs Treatment?

Treatments with meso-threads and cogs are used to lift and rejuvenate the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

3D meso-threads and cogs are biodegradable materials which non-surgically:

  • Tighten and regenerate face and body
  • Erase lines,
  • Improve skin tone and remove excess skin on hands, neck, chin, décolletage, thighs…

This innovative technique has meant that anti ageing medicine in Serbia has matched European and global standards and has been able to offer patients the wonder of beauty, including non-surgical face-lifts. The new generation of meso-threads and cogs is biocompatible and degradable which, compared to previous versions, presents a revolutionary advancement.


Meso-threads with cogs are different from ordinary meso-threads as they can be placed in various directions and levels, resulting in effective lifting of skin tone and subcutaneous tissue in all facial areas. Threads used for this procedure are: double-screw, spiral, tornado and flat threads. Application of a larger number of threads and their combination achieves a better lifting effect.

Meso-thread is a special, flexible thread whose elasticity allows the doctor to penetrate different levels of the epidermis. It is used in treatment of younger people and to correct shallower lines. The thread is composed of a biodegradable material of 0.3 mm thickness and is threaded inside of the needle. The needles are exceptionally good for this type of procedure because they are thin, soft and extremely malleable, which allows for precision and an almost painless experience of treatment, carried out under local anaesthetic (gel). By inserting the needle under the skin, the thread is introduced and it remains there, once the needle is removed, for between six and nine months.


Meso-thread and cogs insertion stimulates the creation of fibrous tissue, which tightens the skin and stimulates the creation of new collagen fibres. The number of threads is decided upon based on the desired outcome. Results are visible after a month and last for up to two years, after which time the treatment can be repeated.


It is recommended that patients recuperate for a period of two to three days.

During assessment and consultation period the doctor and the patient together define possibilities and desired effects of the procedure, including combining it with other techniques.

Meso-thread treatment cannot be used with patients suffering from autoimmune diseases, strong allergies, eczema, psoriasis, various skin infections, blood coagulation disorders and oncological health problems.

This treatment can only be undertaken by a doctor with appropriate accreditation.