Hyaluronic Acid Treatment

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural filler and a key component of the connective subcutaneous tissue. The process of ageing leads to depletion of hyaluronic acid and due to various external and environmental factors it begins to be degraded.


Rapid advancement of aesthetic medicine and dermatology has led to the development of an injectable form of hyaluronic fillers of various densities, viscosity and longevity.


In Serbia, there are different brands available, all of which contain hyaluronic acid with added substances whose purpose is to fortify molecular connections and ensure that hyaluronic acid is degraded at a much slower pace.


The doctor will determine the type of filler depending on whether what is desired is to add volume (thicker filler) or hydration and plumpness of skin (thinner filler).


The natural fillers therapy, also known as hyaluronic acid, has given us unprecedented possibilities when it comes to shaping, as well as filling lines and wrinkles which helps achieve the muscle tone and restores a youthful freshness to the treated region.

Fillers are used in the treatment of:

  • Naso-labial lines (laughter lines)
  • Cheekbones,
  • Lines around the eyes,
  • Lifting of the upper eyelids
  • On the forehead, neck, décolletage,
  • Lip filling and
  • Correction of the chin and nose regions.



 A natural, beautiful and youthful look and a well-known lifting effect.

The actual procedure lasts between 15 and 30 minutes depending on which areas are targeted and the patient is completely relaxed because contemporary fillers contain an anaesthetic.


Results last between six months to two years and their effect can be prolonged if the treatment is re-applied occasionally.


Fillers can also lead to aesthetically displeasing effects if they are injected using the wrong technique. The so-called pillow-face effect is well known, and it refers to a swollen facial appearance created by an overuse of fillers. Of course, only a qualified doctor understands the art of shaping the face using fillers, one of the best-known methods to patients.