The Clinic

Prim.dr sc. med. Olivera Kosovac
“There have been many beautiful and important moments I have been able to share with my patients and their families during my time in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. I have had the privilege to work within teams comprising capable surgeons and to develop professionally, led by the specialist knowledge and professionalism of the biggest experts in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. In line with my professional aspirations, which are demanding and which I expand on an almost daily basis, my specialist clinic Kosovac is a place where patients and I resolve first and foremost health aspects of various problems, finding together a path to a perfect combination of aesthetic, reconstructive and plastic surgery. There are no perfect conditions, but contemporary medicine can certainly help create them. This journey, starting from the patients’ initial wishes to their realisation, my patients and I navigate through open discussions, consultations and the joy of what has been achieved. The specialist clinic for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery Kosovac operates in accordance with the highest standards of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. The clinic is located and designed in a way which ensures that my communication with patients can be relaxing and that I am easily accessible to them at all times.”