Patient Advice

Patient Advice

  • Pre-operative period

  • 2 – 3 days before the operation

  • Underarm and leg hair removal. After the operation you won’t be able to feel your underarm skin for a while, so for this area you will only be able to use hair removal creams, so if you want to have tidy underarms for the first 2 – 3 weeks, hair removal is the right solution! And as for your legs – you won’t be advised to (or be able to) bend at the waist for at least 2 – 3 weeks after the operation, which means that the use of a razor is out of the question.

  • Prepare several clean bedding sets

  • Prepare a number of pillows of different sizes

  • Arrange for your apartment to be cleaned

  • Identify a support person who will be able to help you at the drop of a hat

  • If you live alone, it is crucial to identify a person you trust who will be in a position to be with you around the clock (you will require help to get out of bed, dress yourself, go food shopping, go for a walk, have a shower etc…)

  • Get plenty of wet wipes with alcohol (Lilly health and beauty stores sell them) and patient wash gloves (you can find these in DM – located in Terazije area) – for several days following the operation you won’t be able to have a shower.

  • The day before the operation

  • Don’t panic!!! Everything will work out just fine!

  • Open all the drawers you use on a daily basis – the action of opening drawers exerts pressure on chest muscles, and you won’t be able to use your chest muscles for a few weeks following the operation.

  • Take down all of the items you use from kitchen and bathroom shelves and place them at the level of your work tops – for a month dyer the operation you won’t be able to raise your arms higher than shoulder height.

  • Don’t panic!!! Everything will work out just fine!

  • In your fridge: move all of the food items you intend to use to a shelf which you can easily reach

  • Remove dark nail varnish – the device measuring blood oxygen levels you will have attached to your finger during the operation “doesn’t like” dark nail varnish colours

  • Wash your hair

  • Don’t panic!!! Everything will work out just fine!

  • Pack a hospital bag with the following items: a nightgown/overshirt with buttons on the front, slippers, hair comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, wet wipes, lip balm, hand cream, mobile, charger, your usual daily medication (so-called “regular therapy”), something to read, glasses (if you wear them)…

  • Prepare clothes to return home in: a loose-fitting jacket, front-buttoning shirt, loose skirt/trousers/ tracksuit bottoms with an elasticated waist (you may experience considerable bloating a couple of days after the operation), and comfortable flat shoes with no laces (you won’t be advised to/ won’t be able to bend down to tie your shoelaces).

  • Prepare the bed you will spend the following 2 – 3 weeks in. You’ll be most comfortable in a semi-upright position, such as when you push the seat back when on an airplane or coach. I found an armchair with lots of pillows the most comfortable option, like in this picture:

krevet 1










  • If for whatever reason you have to stay in bed, here are some tips:

  • Fix a coffee table or such within easy reach by your armchair/bed so that you can place on it all the items you’ll be using (wet wipes, phone, medicine, books, drinks, food…).

  • Don’t panic!!! Everything will work out just fine!

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